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We hope you enjoy observing, participating and learning with us as we get ready, find, buy, fix (?) and then move aboard a sailboat.  With our 3 children (currently 9, 13 & 16)!  We will all have a hand writing so there will be a variety of subjects that appear: homeschooling-or figuring out what will work for us wherever we are; boat everything (but more on that later, vs sooner as we are still land lubbers!) adventures of all kinds; mental and other sorts of preparations; skills/education we hope will help; wishes and research, how this destination affects our land life and in general our joy of travel as a family.

The idea of travel is not new to us, we have lived in many places around the world.  We left Canada a young couple with an almost 8 month old daughter.  Stayed in New Zealand for 3 years, added a daughter to our family while there, and then moved with a 3 year old and a 2 month old to Florida.  Checked out the USA further with time in Washington, and Rhode Island.  Added our son in Newport and then went international with him at 10 months (the girls ~4 & 7) over to Singapore for 3 years.  We also spend a year in North Eastern Germany before returning to the West Coast of BC 12 years after leaving.  We have been here, just outside of Vancouver, BC for almost 5 years now and MY feet are itchy 🙂  We finally have all of us with Canadian passports so at least from here on navigating customs should be easier.

We love to hear what others are doing and follow a number of blogs as well.  If we haven’t tripped across you yet, drop us a line so we can check out what you are up to as well, we are loving the vicarious sailing life/love/inspiration we read, and would also be happy to meet others in this “limbo-land” .

Cheers to all,

Pia and the THOD crew.

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