An unexpected blogging gift

I have missed writing regularly on Ten Hands on Deck.  There are many reasons and excuses as to why I have not knuckled down, but what I have found most interesting is the part I miss the most.  It is this piece that has me refocussing on writing–on the day insight struck.  (I do seem to need to relearn some of the most important lessons of self care more times than I feel are intellectually reasonable)

I love when clarity surfaces without plan; this is exactly what happened while chatting with friends over breakfast and mimosas.  I had commented on a friends blog as it has resonated with me, the other friend amazed that either of us had taken blogging on.  As I explained it was absolutely clear, succinct, and honest.  That chord of personal truth that reverberates in your body.  It can be so simple of an idea.

When I was writing more frequently I found myself noticing, searching, analysing more in my daily life.  The process of actively looking for topics and inspiration works similarly to a gratitude journal for me.  It brings a mindfulness into my day that I struggle to maintain without this focus.  Whether I write about any or many of these possibilities that I muse over throughout the day, I find I am more content and happy when I am IN this process.  Gratitude journaling is one of the most effective tools I have tripped across for when I begin the slide into depression.  It is easy to access, free, non-medical, and for me extremely powerful.  I had not put together that the same observation of life and joy was a focus in my search and awareness for THOD.  Who knew?

A byproduct gift of blogging, and one I never expected.  I wonder if this is common to many bloggers?

2 thoughts on “An unexpected blogging gift

  1. Carol de la Haye

    Well, it probably is. And I know I should encourage myself to write and to play my violin and viola more often — because both really feed my soul — but sometimes I get almost paralyzed by depression, until I remember that the best ‘medicine’ for me (as for so many) is creativity, immersion in some sort of art… Much love to you, dear Pia.
    P.S. Call me if you ever feel like chatting — any time, night or day:

    1. Ten Hands On Deck Post author

      So lovely to know you read them! As you can see I am still pretty sporadic, but more focus and energy on the ideas IS happening on a regular basis!


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