And the Planning Continues…

So we bought a house!  We are very excited and it still feels a little surreal.  It was a crazy process of making an offer on a house that was not able to clear title, and then finding this one and quickly getting the offer closed as they had piles of showing for the following day.  Phew!   This may seem counter to our sailing goals, but all part of our mad plans.  It is not a fancy place, but is in a good neighbourhood, with room for us all- and will allow us to begin pairing down-and as a bonus has a one bedroom suite to rent out.  The kids can stay in the same schools, and it gets us into a market that is escalating at a ridiculous rate.  We have a few minor things to do, the kids will be choosing paint colours this week, and a bathroom needs retiling.  The garden will be work, and a joy!  I can’t wait.

More planning is underway as, Brent is away for 2 weeks, I get my wisdom teeth out, school ends, Brent and I are going to a conference he is presenting at in Europe for 3 days, and we pack, prep the house and then move in.  And cleaning, did I mention cleaning both of the houses we move into.  Both the work truck and our car have to go into the shop for various work.  Hopefully, I will also be able to work the 50 hours of volunteer work at a school I need to apply to the Teacher Upgrading Program I hope to get into for next Jan-June.  June will be interesting.  I feel like I need to do some much clearer list making and calendar marking.

I have boxes.  Aside from the books, Ryder and I have sorted his room.  Toys have been posted.  Some closets have been emptied.  I can pack winter.  I have an advantage in that I have moved internationally so many times; I KNOW I can pack the house in 3 days–if I am not supervising and feeding my kids.  It is the sorting that kills me, and that is underway.   I will make this work.

Tune in to the next instalment of insanity.

2 thoughts on “And the Planning Continues…

  1. Carol de la Haye

    You are amazing, Pia. Did you ever imagine, when you were a kid, that you’d be capable of all that you’ve accomplished so far, and all that you plan to do? I’m in awe, my dear. Much love to you, darling aunt-child of my heart. xoxo

    1. Ten Hands On Deck Post author

      XO 🙂


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