Closer we come


We have landed in our new place.  It is beginning to feel like home.  The Kid’s rooms have all been painted, and they LOVE them!  We are working out storage configuration to maximize what we have (great practice for boat life).  We have had to gut and redo the bathroom in the suite (we knew this going in…but I wasn’t fully prepared for how far plaster dust can travel, note to any who are wondering…throughout the house regardless of plastic-sheet walls!)  However, tiling is complete, the wall we needed built to keep our Eldest’s room in the “main” house, and separated from the suite is awaiting paint- along with the entire suite, and we will advertise in the last week of the month!  Having never been a landlord I am hoping 3 kids, a dog and stay at home mom helps “self-select” a great renter who will work well with us on the property.   Having the suite filled is a big part of moving faster toward our goals, so I see a reasonable amount of painting and cleaning in my near future.

Current plans also involve taking a scuba program as a family this fall.  Something I admit to feeling a titch nervous about.  I love being ON the water, and like swimming, but will get creeped out pretty easily, particularly in deeper water.  Once I am scared, the panic is pretty ferocious.  Even in the BVI’s I had a moment and ended up separating from the family and swimming to the dingy like a demon was after me.  Only relaxing once I was up and IN the dingy.   Not sure how this will play out once we are sailing.  I am sure practice and experience will mean I become more educated as to “real” risks so that silly frights don’t overwhelm me.  I am not typically filled with fears, and this will be another fun family activity and one more piece of education that will contribute to life aboard.

I am also looking forward to returning to school for a couple of months at the beginning of 2016.  I am updating my teaching credentials and am extremely excited about it.  I hope to teach here if we are here, but more likely to look at TOC’ing in international schools when we make stops.  Or maybe we will find a way to teach/educate adults/design curriculum? while afloat.  Whatever comes our way, I will understand current pedagogy and be ready to dive in.


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