Confidence Blast and Humble Pie.

Our trip to the BVI’s was a fantastic learning experience.  Aside from the fact that it will all work with us on a boat,(a HUGE relief)  it brought 2 things clearly home to me.  The most amazing thing was watching all of our confidence increase; from helming, to catching and tying up to the balls, starting the outboard, driving the dingy, tacking, hoisting and dropping the sails, cooking, moving about underway, finding our boat in the dark, swimming & snorkelling, and diving off the boat.  Everyone gained confidence in themselves and the others in the family.  So amazing to see.

Simultaneously it was absolutely humbling. Our first night we had a botched mooring tie up–where the boat, in gusty wind and rolly swells rode up over the ‘slightly long’ yoke, and then got stuck.  Stuck enough we couldn’t reverse off of the yoke.  So we were up all night on watch making sure nothing changed until it was light enough to untie and re-hook up with out incident.  We also ended up sailing through the worst squall I’ve ever been out in, with 8-10 ft seas and upwards of 30 knot gusts, low visibility and rain.  All that on our first day of sailing!  We also survived Talia’s seasickness and Bella’s terrible night from swallowing too much sea water (and it IS salty).  Feeling gross while travelling is always a challenge.  We also learned about the Wreck of the Rhone and snorkelled it–these sailors were so close to safety.  The ocean, the weather and how we move in, on, and through it is remarkably humbling.  And we LOVED it.

One thought on “Confidence Blast and Humble Pie.

  1. Carol de la Haye

    I love reading your THOD blogs, Pia! And I love how your family operates as a strong and adventuresome unit, despite inevitable differences, and how you tackle challenges, solve them, learn and go forward into new ones… Much love to each and all of you.


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