Fall Love

I had a wonderfully rejuvenating walk this morning.  It always makes me happy to see our dog Lola frolic on our walks.  She is Joy incarnate, alwfall path startays.  Truly, there is something about a happy poodle that is lovely to watch, and somehow more clear than with most other breeds in this regard.  Their bodies move in a  way that is poetry in motion when it is not goofy and hilarious.  Like I said, she always makes me laugh as we walk.

It is a glorious clear fall day here in the PNW, something I am always thankfall pathful to experience.  We are lucky enough to live in an area where I can choose from a large number of forested walks.  Some are more populated, or have more dog walkers, there are dog parks, others are littered with “fairy houses” or are more beachy.  Currently, I am feeling the need to move beyond the dog park, though I miss a few friends as a result (I guess I will actually have to call them).  There is a dog I am avoiding, and the soil smells, even if I keep Lola out of the water- just her running around means I have the stinkiest dust all over once she is dry, eeewwwwww!  This morning I picked a trail loop that a friend had taught me.  It takes about 45 minutes if you do the add-on loops.

fall lola on walkwayAs I walked I was reflecting on how beautiful our fall forest is, and noticing how uplifted I was feeling in my surroundings.  I know I feel better when I spend time in nature.  I know I feel better when I execise.  Relearn, relearn, relearn.  Walking and thinking brought me around to all the other forested areas I have enjoyed; usually with my dogs, but also with friends.  I loved the winter forest of Dersekow in NE Germany when we were there.   A visit to Ontario when I was much younger, Bukit Timah Reserve in Singapore, and the forests of Vermont  also bring fond memories of different kinds of forests and their inherent beauty.  Today I was grateful for the Temporate Rainforest we live in.  It’s lush greenery, beautiful light, contrast of golds and depth of green were amazing as they revealed themselves in the constantly shifting light.  The new growth of ferns, mushrooms, mosses and lichens as they revived from a very hot dry summer and head into winter was a wonderful thing to see.  I hope that you are enjoying where you are today.  Go play in nature, if only for a while.
fall leaves on banister fall forest giants fall new ferns fall mushrooms fall bracken changing colours

fall blue sky fall 2 fall lola in forest

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