Hallowe’en is here.  I am comfortable to admit that this has never really been my thing.  I make an effort so the kids have costumes they like and feel great in, but beyond that…. Meh.  We are now getting to the end of kid halloween and trick or treating.  Only Ryder will be going out this year and while we will hang out in the area he is in, he will be roaming wild and free with friends.  The plan, until last night when the sword for his Percy Jackson costume could not be found, (and I realized that really he looks like a kid going to school-because that is what Percy Jackson looks like and no one will be able to tell he is “IN” costume, ugh lame) was Percy Jackson from the Olympian series by Rick Riordan (it is a fractured fairytale-based on mythology and teens, it is a fun read).  So we rummaged through the costume box and came up with a dementor/ghoul/grim reaper kind of horror show that had high appeal to a 10 yr old.  A quick trip to the dollar store had a skeleton mask, and gloves and we were made!  We did make up, and while he wanted more “blood”, he was pretty happy with the effect overall.  A major shift from PJ, but all good!  R halloween 2015

Talie decided she wanted to go kind of “pop-80’s-punk”, which really meant a crazy wig and some make up, which isn’t showing up as well as it could in this lighting.  In high school, costumes need to have a certain flair.  There was also the fact that in gym, anyone in a costume didn’t have to change!  PERK!  So off she went happy to have an excuse to rock a funky wig publicly!

From living overseas, I know holiday traditions often shift- cooking a turkey in 90 degree weather is not appealing so we made a new tradition and always made a sushi feast for Christmas Dinner.  I also love learning about local celebrations.  Can’t wait to be exploring again, but these days, participating in land based celebrations have had the kids having a blast as well.  Fun!T halloween 2015

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