It is but a vehicle

The next week or so brings new patterns as fall settles in.  School has started, orientation at university for me, and a busy fall schedule of deadlines and travel have already begun for Brent.

And there is The Suite.

Brent’s time at home was reduced by a week, leaving us 48 hours to see what we could accomplish (we thought we would have another 7-10 days).  Prioritization is a powerful thing.  He and Bella wrought an amazing Garage Miracle in organization.  Still crammed, but so much more functional.  This was the key that now allows us to empty the suite of storage stuff so we can prep, paint and finally rent out the suite!  This latter bit is key.  This is a key part of us moving toward boat and travel.

I will today, spend time moving the remaining things out, wiping down surfaces and removing nails.  I am bound to find more that needs to be done–this has been, and often seems to be the case with everyone’s reno’s.  Calling on skills I really don’t have.  Knowing it takes me multiple times longer than it should.  I am trying to keep the focus on it.  I hope we will get it done this weekend.

With each step we DO move forward; I need to remind myself of this.   At times the house feels like a distraction.  Another modification or project taking away from movement toward “offshore”.  Then I slow down, remember that the house is but a vehicle, it will work to facilitate our journeys.  Our travel, our retirement.  That the jobs we take on, even the money & energy we spend on this current focus IS bringing us closer.

So much of what we currently do is intangible, or seemingly unconnected.  At times I feel very far removed from our offshore dreams.  I need to find concrete ways to keep feeling connected.  Ten Hands on Deck helps.  It is a regular reminder.

One thought on “It is but a vehicle

  1. Carol de la Haye

    Courage, my brave and darling Pia — you will get there! I so much admire your determination, fortitude and long, long patience…you’re a wonderful role model.


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