It turns out I can jump pretty high.

UBC Starts

UBC Starts

I start back at school in January.  This month has me at a couple of lecture days and there is a week of full time in December; but the work will really kick in from January through June.

This is a crazy hoop I am jumping.  My professional board (that is only important if you are working here in Canada, and possibly within North America) has outlined 12 course credits it requires along with a 6 week practicum to ensure that I am “up to snuff” to teach in BC.  Sadly, there is no actual way to meet all of these, and only these, requirements.  I can do the courses online, part time in a university (the 3 schools I spoke to suggested that it would be a miracle to actually get into those specific classes and not be IN their program already-I am not), but I have not found a means to complete a practicum that fulfills the requirements of the regulation board.

I did find that UBC has an updating program for teachers within their Education Department.  It is a 30 credit diploma program, with a 10 week practicum contained within 6 months.  It is intensive, and will tick my boxes.  I have accepted this is what I need to do if I ever wish to teach in my home country again.  That there is no flexibility, or true ability, to get the education the regulation board requires only infuriates my husband.

I am excited and anxious to begin this journey.  It feels like it has been a long time coming.  Will my brain respond to the olympic training it is about to endure?   Will I need to modify my expectations of myself?  I was a good student in university; what will my learning/performance/creativity/production/participation look like this time around?   Will I manage to curb my sarcasm, dry humour and cynicism around my much younger teacher candidates.  Ah, hell, I am game.  Let’s go!

2 thoughts on “It turns out I can jump pretty high.

  1. Carol de la Haye

    You’ll do just fine, Pia — the life experience you’ve gained since your last stint in university will cast almost everything you tackle in a whole different light. As for your sarcasm, ironic wit, etc.– I predict many of your younger course mates will delight in them (not all, of course, but many)!

    1. Ten Hands On Deck Post author

      Thanks! I know it will be fine. Particularly in the classroom, it is some of the connections and scaffolding, aligning of outcomes etc that can be a bit complicated and I am out of practice. I spin on worry a bit. Something I am getting better at, and at just doing in spite of it as well. Nothing like opportunity to put things in perspective 🙂


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