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Our Crew: Our Family of 5 and while I am tempted to give us all pirate names…I will hold back (for now)


I will be the primary writer of T.H.O.D., with family stepping in as they choose. I am very excited to head off sailing, I am a beginner-both with blogging and with sailing, and my nerves and naiveté will pop through at times. I have been a student, elementary/middle schoolteacher, a doula and for many years now my focus has been our 3 children as we repeatedly resettled in many interesting international moves. I love crafting, quilting in particular, to read (almost anything!), travelling, to learn (just started Spanish), to be in nature and enjoy the sun and warmth—especially with family and friends.


The Original Sailor of the family. He has raced since his teens, been a professional sailor, delivery skipper, boat builder for many years, and a cruiser with me. He has helped boatbuilding companies move into lean manufacturing, and effective production components; from custom steel through to production fiberglass and all around the world. He was also one of the instrumental people in restarting the boat building apprenticeship program in NZ. Now he is running companies. He is currently CEO of PlanB Energy Storage, an international clean energy battery company. Lucky for us he is also a teen driving-teacher, a hockey strategy motivator, dog walking, kid wrestling, homework helping dad-extraordinaire.


Is the first of our crew, 16 years old and is finishing up grade 11 and learning to drive. She has been a passionate rider-rodeo her focus, and is our familys’ head of boat search/research; her dedication and expanding knowledge base is impressive. Bella is in a Science Co-op this term and is currently leaning toward marine biology, and the coast guard for future endeavors…or maybe something in between. She is a joy, a fabulous support and has a wicked sense of humour.


Our middle daughter is a gregarious, outgoing, dramatic 13 year old who is currently in gr 8 french immersion. She is remarkably stubborn, and amazingly generous (*Talie – I’m not THAT stubborn). She played Ringette for 3 years, and is currently loving riding (English), MMA and guitar. Talie is the least excited family member about our offshore sailing plans. She is quite concerned she will miss out on some important and amazing high school land-based experiences. We are hoping a bareboat charter in the BVI’s may bring her over to the dark side.


Our youngest is Ryder, he is the most resourceful, confident and capable 9 yr. old I know. He has recently embraced reading (thank you Rick Riordian), loves MMA, Hockey, Rugby, jumping on the tramp for hours and learning guitar-not necessarily in that order.   He loves to create in all kinds of ways from cooking through beading and Lego-particularly Lord of the Ring and Star Wars Lego. He is famously skilled at annoying his sisters, especially Talia. He is a bit like a puppy in that we are all happier if he is run regularly. I see some rig climbing and swimming in his future!


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