Wondering What to do with a Gutted Bathroom?

So while I have managed to unpack another dozen boxes, anchor some shelves and reorganize our bedroom so it no longer looks like a construction zone…the house job list is not that much smaller, the space is just more liveable.  With Brent actually home for most of the month we may be able to knock off a couple of the jobs.


The other space I attacked was our gutted master bath.  It looks like it will be a few months until we actually put it all back together, so with Christmas coming, I decided to turn it into storage and my sewing area.  I am thrilled with this space!  This photo is a couple of days old, and I have now completely pieced that quilt top for my son, it has 12 blocks like you see, and a thin purple boarder, and then a larger black one.  I think I will now begin Gift sewing!

bath quilt room modification


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